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Squeak In One Disk Version 0.0.1

Squeak In One Disk Image (Click Here to Download)

The disk boots an old Linux kernel, runs a Squeak 2.2 with svgalib 1.4.0
in 800x600x256 and a relative big image (900kb)

The version 0.0.1 has some limitations:

* Incomplete keyboard mapping (pgup,pgdown,alt-x,etc)
* Doesn't support all the video cards
* The mouse pointer is always a cross
* etc,etc.

How to make the boot disk:


Simply copying the squeakos.img.bin to the fd0 device:

dd if=squeakos.img.bin of=/dev/fd0


Run rawrite.exe and select your floppy drive (a:,b:)
and the image to write (squeakos.img.bin)

rawrite.exe (Click Here to Download)
rawrite.doc (Click Here to Download)

Authors: Sebastian Wain and Alejandro Weil