The No Ultimate Guide to FullScreen on Internet Explorer! Intro I am far from being an expert on these browsers tricks, but someone ask me about this subject, and I found this is a very conflictive subject! 1. Opening a fullscreen window in another browser: ----- file: index.html ----- First Window ----- eof ----- ----- file: newwindow.html ----- FullScreen Window

Fullscreen Windows!

----- eof ----- Credits: Everyone. 2. Some claims this javascript ran in some browsers: ----- file: index.html ----- Fullscreen Window ----- eof ----- Credits: Everyone. 3. Changing current window to fullscreen on a IE less than... ----- file: index.html ----- Another Fullscreen running in some old IE


----- eof ----- Credits: search on :: TheaterMode CurrentBrowser 4. Changing current window to fullscreen on a IE more than... and windows with activedesktop. ----- file: index.html ----- Fullscreen


----- eof ----- Credits: Michael Harris 5. Changing current window to fullscreen expanding it beyond borders! ----- file: index.html ----- FullScreen FullScreen to fullscreen
restore() to restore ----- eof ----- Credits: Dimitris Anoyatis 6. If none of these "suggestions" ran, try pressing the "F11" key... Sebastian Wain -- pd: It's incredible how something so trivial can't be made in some effective and unique way!