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After a lot of years accumulating and processing data indiscriminately, I finally decided to gradually share many things on a more organized manner.
Philosophical reflections may appear between soon or never.

About Me


Open Source Projects

Where are the revolutions today?
When I look at the Open Source and related movements, the big quality obtained for many projects, not just in the "products", not just in the "process" not just enhancing standards and tools to collaborate.
I think the Open Source Movement is an example to follow in many areas of the Society in many kinds of forms.
It's far beyond software.
Insightful publications in these issues at: The Pro-Am Revolution and Democratizing Innovation

Some things from my stuff:

NO Open Source Projects & Services

Projects where I work:

Movies Ranking

No Pop Corns here please!


A recent incursion in the genealogy field began with the building of my genealogy tree and collecting all information that I can.
More information on resources and my genealogy tree is on My Genealogy Page
I use the most impressive software to do genealogical research: Gramps
I am writting some things about Genealogical Data Mining to help on the search. (I love buzzwords!)

Recommended Books

A list of recommended books of my own at: Recommended!
The list is growing.

Site-Flavored Google Search


Story Telling

I think currently the best interface is the human interface, the non-linear conversation between a group of people (not in the virtual space).
The Story Telling approach is taking big appeareance in Knowledge Management ( look at: Knowledge_Flow -> Storytelling)
I will try some techno/personal story telling.

Dot Com Era

I lived the Dot Com Era and at this time with a group of friends we did our own .com called Helicoid (and we had an Investor too!).
The idea of our .com was to do many products and services for the geek community worldwide.
Since some things we did has very high quality it deserves some nostalgia, I put 6 chapters of the very high quality flash comic we produced here: Zeek and the computer geeks t-shirts we designed here: T-Shirts, I don't mirror the site's esthetic , just the content (swf and images). Banners of our previous site can be seen here: Banners[UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

My Excellence Awards

Here is my personal list of awards to companies, products and media in no special order:


Bad Companies

Some Bad Companies:




Other Personal Pages:

Contact Me

The email is an excelent medium, normally I hate the telephones, and the instant messengers may be worse!
So, currently I am using this email: sebastian_wain < at > gmx < dot > net (use your OCR).
I didn't put my Curriculum Vitae here, it's only sent if requested.


Updated: May 10, 1234